There’s one thing that the best businesses and the most successful Instagram influencers have in common – a massive and engaged Instagram following.

As a brand or influencer, building a strong Instagram following is one of the best ways to create a dedicated customer base for your products. Just take a look at brands like Brandy Melville with about 4 million followers, or influencers like Tim Karsliyev, who has amassed up to 1.2 million followers.

With Instagram predicted to add about 30 million followers in 2020, this social media platform is in its golden era. Here are 4 powerful tips you can use to generate sizable Instagram followers in no time.

Make the most of UGC

UGC refers to User Generated Content and it is a method many successful brands are using to turn potential customers into buyers. It is a very simple and profitable social media marketing technique which involves making use of the content created by a customer in relation to a product. This method helps to attract new customers by giving them trust and confidence in the brand.

Build a Visual Narrative for Your Channel

Make the most of your Instagram page by using your products or services pictures to attract new followers and potential customers. Arrange your posts in a manner prospective buyers can easily visualize themselves using your products and connect with them. When using images containing people, it is a good idea to show their faces as photos with faces have a higher chance of being liked and commented on. This way, you can easily create an affinity with your followers and customers.

Share Video Content

Statics have shown that about 56% of internet users watch at least one video a day. Instagram videos make this even easier as you can capture the attention of your audience effectively, reliably and for a longer period of time compared to photos. This is why you’ll find so many successful brands and influencers using this technique.

Use Instagram analytics Tools

When it comes to social media marketing, the power of analytics tools cannot be overemphasized. There are several analytics tools available today that can help you build a more successful brand. However, there are some capabilities and features your Instagram analytics tools should have. First, it should be able to track post performances and tell you the posts that have the best reach. It should also be able to show you posts that have higher engagement as well as those with the best click through rate.

Finally, you will want to find a tool such as Bippapp.com that is able to monitor your competitors and give you insights on what is going viral, how they are growing, and their likes and comments. With such a tool, you’ll be able to make better decisions on your social media strategy either as a brand or influencer.