4 Best tips to grow your Instagram followers that seem simple, but some people forget.

If you post on Instagram there are several things that you can do to boost your engagement, get more followers, and make your posts different than everyone else. Here are some top tips for using Instagram more effectively.


You should use the power of communication on Instagram. This means that you set up your profile in the proper manner and you also have a great profile image that is going to draw people to your posts. You want people to know exactly what you’re going to do. Make sure you fill out your full bio and include a website URL or link to your blog so people can check out a more of what you do. This can be an advantage to you especially if you have a website or a YouTube channel. Make sure that you stay engaged with your followers so they know that you are active because this will also help you grow your channel. Try to make use of video to as this can be very helpful. Your posts should reflect your values, and your values are the virtues, you why and make people connect to your mission.

View the Competition

Have a look at your competition on Instagram to see what they are doing. If they are doing something similar to what you do on the site see if there’s a way that you can change your content to be a little bit more unique which will get you more interest in your channel and should increase your followers. One thing that will help you stand out on Instagram is to be unique because this is what is going to draw people to your posts. You should also follow your competition because you may get people clicking on your posts to go to your channel. Look at how your competition is using hashtags and then see how you could incorporate these into your posts. A great tool to monitor your competition on Instagram is bipp.

Quality Over Quantity

You may think you need to post a lot on Instagram and while it’s a good idea to have a regular and active account, you should be posting things that are of quality. You want posts and content that is relative to what you were trying to say and just not random content by thinking of ways of adding value to your posts you’re going to add value to the user and this can help grow your channel because people have a sense that they are gaining something from viewing your content. The content that you do post should add quality to your Instagram account not just count as another post.

Links to Other Content

Make sure you are linking to other content I want such as your newsletter, a blog post you have made, an ebook you have written and so on. The trick with Instagram is to use the site to get people to view your other content. If you’re trying to sell something, this can be a great way to grow your business through Instagram.